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Hello and welcome to my website's first blog posting!

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Timothy Griffith and I am the one and only Thread Wizard. I have been sewing and quilting since 2007. Throughout this time, not only have my sewing skills evolved but so to has the space in which all of the magic happens.

In years past, any free space (a dining table, spare bedroom, home office) I could find to temporarily set up shop would suit me just fine. Over time, however, I found a need to have a more permanent creative space. Who knew how seemingly impossible such a need was though?!

To spare you all from being bored to tears, let's fast forward to 2019 when my husband and I decided it was time for us to purchase a home together. It goes without saying that one of the must haves on my list of needs for the new home was a dedicated space in which I could be free to create at will. Many of the homes built in Raleigh during the 90's included bonus rooms over garages. We found one such space in what is now our current home and I cannot be any more excited to share it with you!

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